Videos about Managing Flood Risks

Three videos found on YouTube are covering the topic of flood risk management in Australia and Scotland.

Floorisk management in Australia

Managing Flood Risk – Introduction (Australia)
“The introduction provides an overview and gives a short explanation as to why Floodplain Risk Management (FRM) assessments need to be undertaken and the benefits gained from this. That is followed by brief descriptions of Parts A, B and C which will guide you through the entire NSW Floodplain Risk Management Process.”
(2:28 min)


Managing Flood Risk – Landuse Planning (Australia)
“Landuse Planning looks at undertaking appropriate landuse assessments by considering subdivision and development compatibility with potential flood risks. This will limit impacts on communities from the outset and reduce the need for future expensive retrofit projects. Simple examples are given for both new subdivisions and development sited on flood prone or flood liable land incorporating evacuation routes during extreme flood event.”
(7:22 min)



Flooding: why it happens and how we can help (by SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scotland)
“Find out more about how we manage flooding in Scotland including an overview of Flood Risk Management (FRM), information on the FRM Planning process, land use planning and flood warning.”
This video explains how floodings arise.
(3:41 min)

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