Flood Games Examples



The game SchaVis visualizes flood demage on buildings. Goal of the game is to protect the property against the an upcoming flood.   The games simulates a flood, after the player has adapted his virtual house. He can see whether his house was havy damaged or not.




Link: http://www.hochwassermanagement.rlp.de/servlet/is/174900/



The intention of FloodSim is to raise awareness of the dangers that flooding  present in the United Kingdom.  The player must decide, whether he makes arrangements for protection or invests money in flood preventions. Subsequent the game simulates a flooding and gives a feedback. The player can see, how effective his choosen stategy was.




Link: http://playgen.com/play/floodsim/



In SimFlood the player takes the role of a homeowner. He  must decide wheter he wants to insure his house or not. If he decides against an insurance, he saves money, but also assumes a risk in case of a flood. After the player has make a decision, the game simulates by random a flood or no flood.