Education and Training

The contents and tasks of the EU Flood Risk Directive and the lacking skills to realize them are new types of problems.
New problems need new solutions and new jobs need new skills.

An emerging technology is Game Based Learning.
This new methodology is expected to gain widespread usage within the next years, particularly in higher education environment.
Advocates underscore the productive role of play, which allows for experimentation, the exploration of identities, and even failure.

Game-based tool that simulates the flood as it is occurring in the real life based on scientific mathematical models and real data. The simulation needs to be based on hydraulic modeling and shows the impact on the surrounding city.

The users "play" with different protection measures and create their own flood scenarios.
Analyze the human, economical and environmental impacts of different flood protection and management measures.
Flood risk management is a multiplayer task. Linkage and collaboration between the different game aspects (technical issues, socio-economics, ecology)