The main aim of this project is to build the capacity in flood risk management for water professionals and undergraduades through identifying synergies, sharing knowledge, and strengthening partnerships between universities and stakeholders.


  • Developement of an dynamic and active tools that allow all target?groups/users to assess their knowledge about flood risk management.
    Such a tool helps to identify the shortage in knowledge and attributes required for the implementation of the EU Flood Risk Directive and achieving its objectives.
  • Developement of an innovative, active and problem?based learning methodology for flood risk education and training
    (i.e. new educational and VET practices and methods) that capitalizes on the principles of Web Based Collaboration & Game Based Learning.
  • Developement of flood related Vocational Education & Training (VET) modules for water professionals (involving the students to gain practical experience).
    This includes modules for undergraduate students on flood risk management and protection with main focus on the EU FRD and other water directives (e.g. EU WFD) with the possibility for stakeholders to add new practical?oriented contents & quality assurance mechanisms.

Group A:     Experienced flood risks professionals who work in government sectors.

  • Their main needs are to gain knowledge about EU FRD and its interrelationships with EU water directives.
  • They also need to share flood related vocational knowledge with EU countries and get exposed to other flood best/worst practices.
  • They have limitation of time to attend training sessions and travel across borders.


Group B:      Undergraduade students of civil engineering

  • They need to learn such tough & hard topics in an attractive environment and have access to professional experiences and future employers.
  • The current exam indicators show the difficulty of the topic especially the EU FRD.

The project will have a wide impact on water sector across Europe. It will bring together many EU universities and professional entities to learn, plan, and manage flood risk for better European future. SeCom provides profesionals from Group A with all necessary knowledge and experiences (VET) in the forms of: Web Based Training materials Virtual field trips through the river for investigating different flooding scenarios Collaborative game Assessments Undergraduades Group B are provided with necessary knowledge and experiences (VET) in the forms of: Collaborate and learn from their colleagues as well as flood professionals through collaborative learning tools. Learning modules for theoretical topics. Game?based river simulation and flooding city environment is expected to attract other students from different EU countries.