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The Serious Community 2.0 Prevent Flooding Project develops a cooperative Game Base Learning Methodology for Flood Risk Management Education and Training.

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Flood Framework Directive

Flood Framework Directive

Every year severe flood events cause fatalities and enormous economic damage increase. The trend will rise as floods and storms are expected to become more frequent and severe in the future (European Commission and UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, 2009).

As a consequence, the revision and adaption of flood management strategies became an important issue. The Flood Framework Directive of the European Union engages the member states to develop flood risk management plans by december 2015.

Initial surveys and studies were undertaken to understand what the current skills and resource levels are to deliver the requirements of the Flood Risk Management (, July 2010). The outputs of this work are recommended to be used in the development of skills and capacity building of stakeholders involved in flood risk management.